El Trull Side is an area of the Costa Brava which is ideal for living, working and enjoying all year round.

The area maintains the essence of the Mediterranean and a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to savour nature and its maritime coast throughout the year, enjoying a privileged climate and a quality of life with plenty of options and opportunities.

El Trull Side is noted for its panoramic views of the Costa Brava from all over the area and easy access to its coves, its Mediterranean forests, the Camino de Ronda-GR 92 coastal path that crosses the area, the spectacular unique space of Cala Gran, the Costa Brava at its best, the type of residential housing and the El Trull Room co-working space, ideal for remote working.


Enjoy the activities in the surroundings of El Trull Side with its Mediterranean climate individually or as a group.

In the Leisure section, we tell you about the many varied of options. In addition, the El Trull Side Mentor is always available to guide you in your choice.